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NuggetPlays: about 1 month ago
Time to unban me. The one month is over.

Judge_DJ: 3 months ago
I should probably find a better way to communicate with everyone than here. My face book is and I'm on it most of the time I'm awake and at my terminal, in case there isn't another way of communicating.

RepoMeister: about 1 year ago
Hola Bee.... keeper! :D



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Very well, you've been unbanned but you were banned for breaking our rules, so if you do it again. You're gone for good.


4 days ago

We're not gonna forgot about you, It's only been 11 days since your ban, the last temp ban we had was a month so you have a while more to go.  In this time I suggest you build something on single player and blow it up, get it all out your system. 


2 months ago

Check discord's Appeal channel for your answer.

3 months ago

Be patient Nugget, Kyra was the one to ban you so she makes up her mind when she see's this. However the "I may of blow up something"  You did blow up something and not just another player you blew up one of the mods builds. The logblock from the grief proves it. You were warned about messing with people's builds, so what on earth went through your mind when you took tnt to another players work. Because you knew the rules, yet you went against them. Even after being warned less than 24 hours before hand.
So If I'm being honest, yes maybe you'll get a second chance at the server, but like other players have had, you might need a time out for a while, but again that's up to Kyra. So don't bug her, or she'll say no just for you being annoying. 

3 months ago