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Thanks to Rw's & Ont's hard work, we are now running on the current version! Enjoy pillaging the village!

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Official Donation Discord Roles about 1 month ago

Hello everyone,

I'm excited to annouce that from now on you can get a Discord colored name just like you in-game name when you donate to support the server!

When you are entering the amount you wish to donate, you will be prompted for your Discord tag. You can find this by clicking on the 'User Settings' button on the bottom left of the Discord client, next to your user name.

You can see mine here.. my tag would be rwsender#1848 

You can see what I have entered above, you should be automatically moved in/out ...

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Official Community Update - 11/04/2019 2 months ago

Hello everyone,

I thought it would be nice to share some updates and statistics about the community, first of all I'd like to thank everyone for the generous support over the past few months in funding the server costs. I was hesistant to undertake this project at the start but every single month we hit the donation goal. This community would not be possible without those donations.


  • 430 Unique Players
  • 308 Homes Set
  • 96 Waypoints Set
  • 490 Mod Requests Closed
  • 122 Donations


Voting is now enabled, you can get 3 diamonds per day just for voting for the server. This is really important to ensure th...

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Official Voting is Available! 2 months ago

While in-game on our server, simply put in /vote. The links are there! It's a pretty easy interface. Thank you Ont & RW for your hard work on the server!


The reward for voting is a special in-game currency diamond that can be used to buy special items in game! Watch for more details.

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Official Vanilla World Reloaded Plugin 7 months ago
Hello everyone,

As some of you know I've been working on getting the Vanilla World plugin re-written. I am happy to say it's now in a state where we can put it on the server!

You will need to re-set your homes and waypoints. To get to your old home and request for it to be re-set, run the following commands.
  1. /ehome <name> - the name will be 'home' in the case you are not a VIP or supporter
  2. /modreq sethome
  3. /home - Access your new home
If you are re-setting waypoints, you can just do the following commands:
  1. /home <name>
  2. /waypoint set <number> - So either 1-2 for supporters or 1-5 for VIP's.

Also with this /damage will ...

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