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Official 1.18 Incoming 4 days ago

Hello Vanilla World!
With the release of 1.18, I know we are all excited to start flying higher and caving lower!
But before we get to that, we need to go over a couple things:
1. We tend to be able to update the server around a month or so after the version releases. Remember, we rely on 3rd party server software to be updated and to be reliable before we will update the server itself. We don't want a bug to randomly delete or corrupt some chunks.
2. We will likely delete unused chunks when we update, so don't forget to get online and load your base back up if you haven't been on in the past 3 months! And don't forget to tell your friends if they don't regularly check the discord for updates! If you are unable to ...

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Official The Nether Update! 16.1 about 1 year ago

Server has been running 16.1 for about a week, and a lot of people are enjoying the new features available from our Fully Reset nether. :)  Enjoy!

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Official Current version 15.2 about 1 year ago

Server is now 15.2, the bees are buzzing and you can grow trees with a 5% chance of spawning a bee nest (as long as you are in an appropriate biome). Enjoy!

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Official Server Upgrade - Important Annoucement over 2 years ago

Hi everyone,

Since the 1.14 update has been released the server has been suffering from performance issues. This can be boiled down to a number of factors including new players, high entitiy counts and large farms. When we initially set up Vanilla World: Reloaded we had only one thing in mind, sustainability and keeping the community alive.

Most nights now we have on average 20 players online, while this may not seem like a lot with the vast majority loading different chunks and rendering entities it has taken a performance toll on the server. I have spent countless hours investigating the root cause of the performance issues. We want to ensure that Vanilla World: Reloaded is enjoyable for all, one req...

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