What is this?
The Community Area is a whitelisted area on Vanilla World:Reloaded. Everyone trusted on the server gets permission to teleport there. The Community Area is basically a free alternative to the /wild, but still has mob spawns, daylight cycles and damage. The reason for the area to be whitelisted is to protect it against potential griefers. Players have to gain standing on the server and go through a selection process to join.

About the area
The Community Area is an area like any other area on the server. It originates from the original Vanilla World server and gets a bigger role on the new server. The area will exist of several themed towns, 'sub-areas'. The theme can be anything - modern, medieval and even your favorite movie (1.13 spongebob towns ftw!)
There is a shopping area where players can set up their own shops to trade from. Everything is trust-based; your goods and payments go in open chests. Multiple ways of travel are set up through the area. Every area should easily be found and reachable through the nether, by foot, on horseback or using an elytra.  

Everyone needs to apply, even if they were a CA member on Vanilla World.