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IGN: barcodead
by barcodead » about 1 year ago

hello i know i was aggressive to other ppl and mods for no reasons due to my personal irl problems ... i want just to apologise and try my best to be more relaxed and helpfull to others 

Thank you , BarcodeAD


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IGN: Torch82
by Torch82 » about 1 year ago


Reason 1:  Personal problems or not, There's no excuse for what you said in Greek to HaeryBillGinger. If I had translated it sooner, I would have banned you sooner, it was so vulgar, and something you wouldn't say in real life to another person. This is the very reason why we have the English only in global chat rule in the first place. So, essentially you got an undeserved temporary pass because we as mods dont and shouldn't have to monitor chat with translators.

Reason 2: Personal problem or not, you crossed two lines you shouldn't have crossed with what you said, after I verbally warned you and kicked you as an additional warning, trying to get you to control your behavior. Again, I can't repeat what you said  because if I just repeated it here, for all to see, I would have to take corrective actions on myself. 

All of the VW staff has unanimously agreed to deny your request.

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