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by Ontvlambaar » about 1 year ago
Because christmas is at our doorstep, we’re hosting an event area that everyone can reach using ‘/warp xmas’. The area has a ice skating rink, PvP arena, darkride (if I finish it in time) and a Christmassy town. All great, but we know that you love building!
Because of this, we’re hosting a building event with the theme: Christmas!

Plots will be made based on the amount of players that sign up for the event. Each participant will be assigned a plot.
The following requirements need to be met if you want to participate:
  • You will need to have a forums account
The following rules apply to our contest:
  • You may not copy builds off the internet
  • You may use someone else’s idea, as long as you don’t copy it.
  • You may summon ONE friend to help you build your entry, but only the plot owner will receive a reward (if they finish among the top three players)
  • You are required to use your own resources in the process of building
Breaking the rules will result in the contestant to be disqualified. In addition, changing or destroying someone elses build may result in a ban.
Winners are determined by three individual judges that will each assign 0-10 points to every plot. The three players with the highest score will win the event. Should there be an equality in points among the top three players, the entire VW:Reloaded community gets to vote on their favorite entry.

I hear you thinking.. We have a reward for the first three players. The three winners will each receive a coupon code to use in our store. Participating will be worth your time and materials.

Sign up by replying below!


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