Getting started
Vanilla World reloaded uses a smart plugin that gives players their own area to build in. Everyone shares the same world, but because players are thousands of blocks away from eachother, we do not need any territory claims. In our philosophy, block claiming obstructs the vanilla Minecraft view.
Upon starting, you will spawn in our /spawn area. The spawn is divided into four sections. We ask you to at least take notion of the rules, commands and staff list. 
 After taking notion of the information at spawn, use /start to claim your own area. You will be sent to a random location in your area and get your bonus chest.

Chat channels
Vanilla World reloaded uses three different chat channels:
  • Global chat: This is the default chat channel that everyone can see.
  • Local chat: Recognized by the [L] in front of someone's name, local chat can be seen by everyone within 1000 blocks from your location. Can be toggled using /ch l
  • Staff chat: Recognized by the [M} in front of someone's name, staff chat can only be used by staff members. Can be toggled using /ch m
In order to maintain the server, we ask players to donate. Donators get certain perks corresponding to the amount of money they paid. When a certain donation goal is reached, perks are unlocked server-wide. Donations money will solely be used to keep the server running, pay the website and advertise the server. 

Grief prevention
You are protected against grief by the great distance you are from other players. Of course, you can play with others by letting them TPA to you or using the /sharehome command to set their home on your /home location.

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