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since when did i get in ca?

8 months ago

Here my ban appeal.


User: NuggetPlays

Reason for ban: Griefing

Banned on: 9/19/19

Banned for: 1 Month


Why I should be unbanned.

I have tons of stuff I wanna build and it is way funner to build as a community.

I have stuff I wanna check on like my house in the community town.

The community is so nice and I really wanna be back. When i was griefing, I was gonna repair it.

But, now i know it is wrong, no matter what. I'm really really sorry. Next time I wanna prank someone

I do it within the server rules and make it nice, for example. Scare them and then it just a parrot.

I hope you do read this.




8 months ago

Was it demanding? I said thank you. What made it so demanding?

8 months ago

The month is over and my ban should be over so unban me please. Thank you.

9 months ago

My ban should  be over so don't forget.


9 months ago