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You're going to have to appeal here, Nugget.



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You can join the server using IP vwreloaded.com. We're on 1.13.2, but looking to update to 1.14.4 in the future

You can join the Discord using this link.

Thanks for your interest, see you on the server!

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Eventually. Its currently on Planet Minecraft, but hasn't been updated to the new 1.13+ optifine folder structure. It should be fairly easy to update and Im hoping to release a first version somewhere next week. 
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Hello all,

Like you all know, we have a datapack that adds various advancements. The advancements are created by myself and inspired by other advancement packs. I have received some feedback on the pack already, which is great. I know some of you aren't fond of the advancements and want to remain to the Vanilla Minecraft experience as close as possible. That's why I'm here to announce that we will be removing the custom advancements? Removing? Yes, you're all going to have to complete some of the vanilla advancements in the adventure tab again.

I, however, am re-implementing the custom advancements at a later date. You will all be able to enable the custom advancement tabs individually, so that those who do not want the custom advancements do not have to have them :)

The updated pack will definitely have some improvements over the other. Instead of just adding xp rewards, you will be able to get some loot too. Community Area members will be able to get some exploration-related advancements with rewards in the form of a /warp to various major locations throughout the area. Users of my resource packs will also be able to get some special advancements.

In relation to the resourcepacks, I am here to announce that my Additional Everything pack will become the Vanilla World: Reloaded resource pack. Using Optifine, I'm adding custom textures to the game through the resource pack. This will eventually mean that you're able to collect costumes, weapons and food based on the item's name. It's all multiplayer compatible. 

Any feedback regarding the datapack and its content can be posted here.
over 2 years ago