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Nugget - being banned from the server is different than not having access to Community Area. You were unbanned from the server but should not have been given access back to Community Area. Any trolling or griefing the mods might have done were done to builds that you should not have been allowed to make in the first place.

4 months ago

I love the idea of new advancements! And I think it is good that you are separating them from the vanilla advancements. I love completing checklists so more advancements = MOAR FUN!
about 1 year ago

Nice - thanks for grinding away and getting the plug-in converted!
about 1 year ago

Why are there  no zombie, skeleton or creeper heads? Just curious. This looks awesome.
over 2 years ago

This sounds like a great idea and I am sure that long-time donators will stop donating or any potential new donors change their minds just because of the perks you mentioned above.   If anything, it will probably get more people donating!  
over 2 years ago