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Not everyone is very good at learning their lessons. I hope you try harder next time :)

4 months ago

I assume your parents never told you "no"?
That's ok, I can teach you this lesson.

"Then they start bringing up stuff that happened a year ago" - The thing that happened a year ago was the direct cause of this situation.

"They kept kicking me" - You were continually breaking the rules, it would be kinda weird if we DIDN'T kick you.

"ended up banning for griefing, language, caps, and attempting to bend the rules" - Not exactly true, you were also banned for insulting people, pestering, and not respecting the staff.

"I never used any swear words" - You used an abreviation for swearing, which is still against the rules.

"caps doesn't count for a ban" - It does if you keep doing it repeatedly and staff ask you to stop. Let alone everything else.

"I griefed something a year ago, did my time with the ban hammer and apologized" - And you clearly didn't learn your lesson.

"I never attempt to bend the rules...banned from CA, not CT...they say  that they're the same 'area'" - We told you numerous times that the area in which you griefed belonged to the CT (Community Town). Sometimes it's also called CA (Community Area). Even after us telling you that, you kept trying to argue about that. You're STILL trying to argue about that. It's an argument you won't win.

Wow, hard to get that much wrong in one paragraph.

We gave you many chances, many more chances than we should have for a player that had already been banned before. And yet all you managed to do was argue, yell, insult people, and just generally throw a tantrum like a 6 year old in a grocery store because their parents won't buy them something.

Actions have consequences. Lucky for you, the only consequences this time around is not being allowed on a minecraft server. I suggest you learn to behave better before you encounter any consequences in the real world.

4 months ago