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Basically, since everyone is so spread out and has massive farms, with large amounts of entities it causes performance issues. I have given the staff team full backing to remove any structures causing issues with TPS. Adjustments are being made but it takes a lot of players online for the difference to be noticed. 

I have further tweaked some settings to try and adjust it so the server performs somewhat decently.

about 1 year ago

Hi everyone,

Since the 1.14 update has been released the server has been suffering from performance issues. This can be boiled down to a number of factors including new players, high entitiy counts and large farms. When we initially set up Vanilla World: Reloaded we had only one thing in mind, sustainability and keeping the community alive.

Most nights now we have on average 20 players online, while this may not seem like a lot with the vast majority loading different chunks and rendering entities it has taken a performance toll on the server. I have spent countless hours investigating the root cause of the performance issues. We want to ensure that Vanilla World: Reloaded is enjoyable for all, one requirement of this is that the server can perform now and in the future as we hopefully continue to attract new players.

The image below is the output from running 'htop' on the server (Imagine opening up task manager to see your resource usage)

1-4 is the utlization of each core, Mem is the RAM usage and Swp is the disk usage. Minecraft servers only use a single core, so single core performance is essential. Due to the vast number of read/write operations our server is performing (loading new/existing chunks) we would also gain from a Solid State Drive. Something our current hosting provider does not provide.

The Plan

After thinking long and hard I have decided the best course of action is to upgrade the server, currently out survival server files alone are sitting at 150GB. The world file is 130GB alone. The time taken to move a file of this size from the current server to the new server, including compressing, downloading and uncompressing could take me several days to complete. I have a rough plan of what I'd like to do in this case below:

  1. Complete the Skyblocks plugin/server configuration.
  2. Obtain the new server and set it up to run Minecraft servers.
  3. Copy over the Skyblocks server and open it up to the public.
  4. Shut down survival server & remove regions that have not been visited in over 90 days(25,000/60,000 on the server have not been visited in the last 90 days) This will speed up the transfer and lower the stress on the new server.
  5. Compress the files & transfer them to the new server.
  6. Re-open the survival server.

Now, I have no solid date for any of these tasks as I work full time so I need to find a time that suits. I would ideally like to have these carried out before 06/08/2019 as the current server billing cycle ends then.

Impacts of the upgrade

Option 1

  • Intel i7-6700k @ 4hz
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM @ 2133MHZ
  • 2 x 480GB SSD + 1 x 4TB HDD
  • New operation cost: ~$200 per month

Option 2

  • Intel i7-7700k OC @ 5GHZ
  • 64GB DDR4 RAM @ 2400 MHZ
  • 2 x 490GB NvE + 1 x 4TB HDD
  • New operation cost: ~$225 per month

The reason I am presenting these two options is because I'm not sure what to do. As I said before we started this community with a view to making it sustainable. Donations most months have been high enough to cover either of these choices, with the second one being more powerful. As we continue to garner more players, add new servers and grow the community we want to make sure we can keep the server performing as should be.


I would ask for you to cast your vote on Discord as to what server you think is more achieveable and maintainable in the long run, after all it is you - the community who cover the costs.


Thank you for your continued support,


over 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

I'm excited to annouce that from now on you can get a Discord colored name just like you in-game name when you donate to support the server!

When you are entering the amount you wish to donate, you will be prompted for your Discord tag. You can find this by clicking on the 'User Settings' button on the bottom left of the Discord client, next to your user name.

You can see mine here.. my tag would be rwsender#1848 

You can see what I have entered above, you should be automatically moved in/out of the correct groups once you renew your donation package. If you have any questions feel free to @ me or message me directly.


Thanks for the continued support,


over 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

I thought it would be nice to share some updates and statistics about the community, first of all I'd like to thank everyone for the generous support over the past few months in funding the server costs. I was hesistant to undertake this project at the start but every single month we hit the donation goal. This community would not be possible without those donations.


  • 430 Unique Players
  • 308 Homes Set
  • 96 Waypoints Set
  • 490 Mod Requests Closed
  • 122 Donations


Voting is now enabled, you can get 3 diamonds per day just for voting for the server. This is really important to ensure the community keeps growing.

Growing Fast

Since we have listed on the voting sites, we have had a steady stream of new faces! This is fantastic for the contunied growth of the community. We welcome you with open arms, Vanilla World isn't like your typical server. I hope all the old-timers keep welcoming and helping the newer players, it really means a lot to new players to feel welcomed!


I would encourage anyone who isn't on our Discord server to join using this link -


Thanks for the support,



over 2 years ago

Are mods getting wps regardless of not being vip? or do we just tp to the places we have other homes at like we did on old vw? 

Mod's do have the perks of VIP's, if you don't now then that could be an issue!
over 3 years ago