On Vanilla World: Reloaded, we handle a set of rules that you're required to follow in order to play here.
1. No griefing
Griefing is disallowed. In most cases, griefing directly results into a ban on VW:Reloaded. We want to create a safe environment for everyone to play.

2. No cheat mods
Cheat mods, such as X-ray and flight, are disallowed. We do not want players to have an unfair advantage over others. 

3. No hacked/cheat clients
Hacked clients are disallowed as they can do serious harm to the server. They will always result in a ban.

4. No excessive caps and spam
Excessive caps in chat is disallowed. Yes, you can use caps - please do, but do not use more than three fully capitalized words in your sentences. 

5. No offensive language (not even in abbreviations)
Scolding and other offensive language is forbidden. We don't either want jokes about spasm, autism and cancer here. Some are serious diseases and should not be used to joke with.

6. No bullying, racism and sexism
(Cyber-)Bullying is disallowed under any circumstance. How do we measure this? Easily - if a player asks you to stop with what you're doing/saying because they do not like it, you stop. Players first have to give off a verbal warning, so that you get a reasonable period of time to start behaving. If you ignore those warnings, a staff member will resolve the problem and punish accordingly.

7. No pestering
Pestering is highly annoying. Sending loads of random TP's or continuously asking for something is disallowed.

8. No PvP
Of course, PvP is fun. We (will) have PvP zones, minigames and maybe even a command (with cooldown) that lets you (toggle) PvP. PvP is disabled by default on our servers. If your actions result in a player's death, you are considered to be PvPing and may be banned.

9. The staff has the final say
Follow any directions given by the staff members and dont argue with them over the rules. The rules should be interpreted gramatically, but we leave our staff a certain discretionary space. If they decide that you should behave differently, please follow up their directions. We train our staff to be strict yet righteous.

10. Do not bend or break the rules
The rules are here to keep everything fun for everyone. If you believe you cannot follow those rules, VW:Reloaded is probably not the server for you.