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Hello. I've been playing minecraft since horses were introduced. I've only played on 4 servers. My first was where they also had an infinite map but everyone started at 0,0. But 0,0 was in the middle of an ocean. They had WE most of the land away in a radius of 5k. They left some small islands but griefing was allowed so no one really lived there. After I played there for a while I wanted more player interaction. So I found the original VW. I made some really good friend but 1 of them got in a fight with some other players and eventually we left. The server we found,  Tragic Survival, where I played for the next 10 years until it shut down permanently. It's also the server where I met Maylynn, my now wife. It was after that server shutdown that we found VW again and we've been here since and hope to stay for a long time. Side not, on Tragic everyone assumed I was a female until they heard me talking on team speak. I hope to see everyone on the server and I love helping out.

Jade Spectres Introduction about 1 month ago